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How fun! We go to San Diego (Carlsbad, to be exact) every other summer for Dave's extended-family reunion. We spend a week at a hotel on the beach, and just hang out by the ocean all day. We'll be heading that way August 4-8th, so maybe we can see you!

I LOVE Coronado Island, Balboa Park,and, of course, the BEACH. I even took some pics in front of the temple once, and they turned out just like a postcard.

You should definitely find some beauty and relaxation there, in the city of perfect weather. It will be a well-deserved vacation, for sure. So happy for you!


Warren has a sister in LA that's long overdue for a visit from the Grannis fam so you can almost count on seeing us! And how can you pass up San Diego? I mean, come on, the place is GORGEOUS! I am so totally jealous right now! Well...vacillating between that and utter depression over losing you for a year! Whatever will I do if all my go-to gals keep disappearing? First Elizabeth and now you? I'm gonna go cry now and eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's.


Oh, wow! What a fun adventure for your family!


Good thing you didn't make this announcement on April 1st. Nobody would have believed you.


I'm so happy for you - how exciting! You need something special like this after the year you guys have had.

sassybutt friend Misty

ummmm...I know I'm sposed to be happy for you, but I can't help being too sad for ME!!!! WAH---WAH----WAH----!!! Karyna, come help me kidnap her until we can either convince her to stay or take us with her!!!!!.....OK, I promise no more outbursts or protests...I'm happy for you, really....really I am...really..;)


Wow! That's pretty exciting news! I agree with previous guys deserse some fun in the sun and hopefully some great family times in a whole new environment...just need to get (AND KEEP) you all healthy!! :) Looks like you guys are getting there though.


How exciting!!! The beach sounds absolutely fabulous...I hope you enjoy it!

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