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  • I'm a momma to 4 kids -- a boy, followed by 3 girls! We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( We're homeschooling our kids using a virtual school. We like to play outside and get messy! I like to try lots of crafty stuff and post the results on my blog.

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  • trying to average a new digital scrap layout a day

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Holy crap (pun intended)! Did you have some good chocolate to calm you down at the end of the day???

When did you decide to sell your condo? That is great it sold first day considering houses are sitting for a year here. You must have had it priced just right.

Didn't I say you'd love that front loader?

I lurv Jason Bateman. I will post my celebrity crush on my blog.


Ok, I must be a loser because I have never heard of Jason Bateman. He sure looks sweet with his daughter, tho!


ok so i think i missed the whole ferret thing? I'm sorry that the new place isn't all you thought it would be. Congrats on selling the condo!


Sorry about the "Money Pit"--it looks like a gorgeous house and it stinks that there are so many little problems with it.

Speaking of Jason Bateman, have you seen Juno? He is so great in that movie. You should watch it and REALLY get a fix...

My celebrity crushes (and yes--Mike knows about them) are Ryan Reynolds, George Clooney (I know. So cliche), and maybe one more now that I have seen "Ironman"...

That Robert Downey Jr has some beautiful eyes, and the fact that he still works in Hollywood after being a druggie loser is really somethin'!!! :)


BRAD PITT, BABY!! I didn't think I'd make it through "Meet Joe Black" without cardiac arrest! Jason Bateman is a cutie-yes, I agree, check him out in Juno.
Another note, I caught up with Dr. Red on the phone yesterday. I almost ended up in Utah this past week for Doug's dad's surgery, which is tomorrow. I'll be updating my blog tonight all about it. Anywho, she and I agreed one of these years, we three girls need to go on a cruise together! I guess we "could" take our hubby's but we also could leave 'em home with the kids. I'm in!


I'm with you on Jason Bateman! He's good in Juno...but his character is kinda a jerk it may put him in not so great a light! ;) I'm also crushing on Robert Downey Jr (crossing fingers he's truly off the drugs...cuz I LOVE seeing him in film again!), Adam Sandler, Dennis Quaid and I'm sure others will come to mind later!

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