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  • I'm a momma to 4 kids -- a boy, followed by 3 girls! We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( We're homeschooling our kids using a virtual school. We like to play outside and get messy! I like to try lots of crafty stuff and post the results on my blog.

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  • trying to average a new digital scrap layout a day

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Funny, that was the FIRST thing my eyes zeroed in on. Even hamburger helper totally counts! :-)


Hi there! We have a webcam too! I'd have to dig it out of some office box since we haven't used it since we moved to ID a year ago, but hey, that would be fun to chat "live!" Also, I did survive, barely, the week Doug was gone. He leaves again for four days tomorrow (Monday) so I'm sure I'll have lots of fun stuff to post this week! Doug's dad has pancreatic cancer and he's having surgery Tuesday to have it removed. Not fun stuff. Doug's hoping to be home by Thursday afternoon, if everything goes well. We'll see....Happy late birthday last Monday! Sounds like your day was great!


Josh, you give me hope! Someday....

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