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  • I'm a momma to 4 kids -- a boy, followed by 3 girls! We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( We're homeschooling our kids using a virtual school. We like to play outside and get messy! I like to try lots of crafty stuff and post the results on my blog.

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  • trying to average a new digital scrap layout a day

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She really is a beautiful girl. All your kids are "lookers". Love your new camera, it looks like you're having fun.


That's a very pretty picture. I loved what you wrote. It IS wonderful! Sometimes I'm in awe of my responsibility for my girl even for a short time. At times it can be sad to see her growing up but she is so amazing and it is exciting to see the path she will pick for her life.


Wow! She's so grown up looking in that picture!!

Luke Holzmann

That's a good reminder, but something I can't quite get my head around yet... mostly because I'm still trying to get "my" kids home via adoption.

...on the other hand, adoption may end up being a great reminder: These children aren't really mine. By God's grace, I have them on loan.


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