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  • I'm a momma to 4 kids -- a boy, followed by 3 girls! We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( We're homeschooling our kids using a virtual school. We like to play outside and get messy! I like to try lots of crafty stuff and post the results on my blog.

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  • trying to average a new digital scrap layout a day

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Erin Wilkinson

That reminds me of that thing Josh found in a ditch and they ran and told you about it...weren't they thinking it was a dead warthog? I don't remember much but laughing at your words on that and you finding it to be just tree bark or something...haha!


For some reason that totally made me laugh out loud!


This just goes to show how strange California is... they'll let you have a warthog, but not a ferret?! Crazy!
(full disclosure: I grew up in California, so I can't say it hasn't rubbed off a little)

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