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  • I'm a momma to 4 kids -- a boy, followed by 3 girls! We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( We're homeschooling our kids using a virtual school. We like to play outside and get messy! I like to try lots of crafty stuff and post the results on my blog.

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  • trying to average a new digital scrap layout a day

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I'm quite intrigued. You'll have to tell me how you like it. I've really been wanting to start a garden, but I'm not exactly experienced & don't have tons of time to devote to it... this looks interesting!


are you talking about the watering can milk jug I see in the background? lol j/k Looks good! Thanks for the pics!


Wahoo!!! WTG! We actually ate some summer squash from our garden yesterday! :)

Brooke Hack

I love the raised bed kit, what a great idea! Good work on the assembling Josh!


Sweet! I fixed the cats REEEEEAL good by pouring a Sams Club container of Chili Powder all over the soil - they came back only once and never again :)


I hate gardening yet, at the same time, I like watching things grow. Go figure!

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